ClusterSim is a scalable cloud framework for parallel processing of large engineering systems, receiving live simulation data, post processing and analyzing results faster. It has powerful simulation schedulers along with provisions for adding simulation nodes and configuring simulation tools installed in them. The IT administrators can connect to the web dashboard, configure the cloud, provide access control, monitor cluster simulation and generate reports.

Systems Engineers across teams can connect to ClusterSim cloud platform from their workstations and portable devices, schedule huge number of simulations simultaneously and there by explore all possible design configurations and finish simulation of large system models faster. It has simulation support for various native platforms including C along with open APIs for integration with in-house and third party simulation tools. Built-in applications are available for specification of simulation models, configuration of parameters, cloud scheduling and post-processing of results.

ClusterSim can be deployed in either corporate intranet cloud for dedicated access to engineering teams or in web cloud platforms for sharing with vendors. Return on Investment can be easily realized through savings in project cost along with overall increase in quality of embedded systems. Our dedicated team of support engineers work closely with customer for full deployment of simulation cloud and provide on-time maintenance & technical support.

Cluster Simulation

Realistic simulation of complex systems require huge computing power and take large time for accurate results. Also, dedicated hardware and software tools to carry out such simulation may not be available for all engineers.

With ClusterSim, the engineering teams can seamlessly access the cloud infrastructure to schedule simulations from any device, perform remote computation in clusters with requisite tools and finish large simulations faster. This will help to save cost, reduce overall project time and analyze more configurations for well-testing of safety-critical systems.

Design Space Exploration

Systematic design of engineering systems require exploration of large number of design alternatives involving component variants, operating modes and parameter sets for identification of optimal system configuration.

ClusterSim helps in seamless exploration of design space by providing ready interface for supplying various system configurations to be explored, performing huge number of parallel simulations through efficient utilization of cloud computing power, aggregating the live results, and thereby helping to explore all design configurations faster.

In-House Deployment

ClusterSim provides complete support for secure deployment of cloud simulation infrastructure in the private corporate network. The access permission for both computers and portable devices can be configured for scheduling simulations within the intranet, even through VPN.

Further, the licensing policies of simulation tools can be specified to ensure proper access of simulation capabilities by various engineering teams through ClusterSim Cloud.

Mobile Simulation App

Integrated ClusterSim App for easy and secure scheduling of complex system simulations from portable devices including tablets & mobiles, viewing simulation status and post processing results as well as performing various analysis.

Simulation sessions can be interchangeably accessed from corporate computers & portable devices and there by, continuous workflow for systems simulation is provided.


Looking to provide remote simulation support for thousands of engineers across various engineering teams? ClusterSim Cloud is fully scalable through ready installers for transforming machines into native model simulators and connecting client devices.

Simultaneous scheduling of thousands of requests is handled along with load-balancing support. Intelligent identification of suitable simulators with requisite hardware & software tools and parallel simulations are efficiently automated.

Cloud Simulation:

Simulation over Cloud

Seamless simulation of large systems through complete automation of simulation data packaging, requisite native tools and retrieving final results.

Multi-Native Platform Support

Integrated support for remote simulation of engineering systems on various native platforms including C, Executables, etc...

Batch Processing

Parallel processing of multiple system configurations through simultaneous scheduling and aggregation of simulation results for detailed analysis.

Simulation Specification

Rich & Unique simulation specification for each native platform with customization support for source paths, libraries, variants, parameters and simulation settings.

Parameter Configuration

Facility to specify set of values & ranges for parameters, dynamic calibration and systems simulation for all parameter configurations.

Post-Processing of Simulation Results

Automatic retrieval of simulation data from cloud and archival of results with facility for post-processing & analysis of simulation output.

Open API for Integration

Open APIs are available for integration of in-house analysis tools and third party applications to perform cloud simulation through ClusterSim.

Desktop Simulation App

Ready desktop application for specification of systems to be simulated, parameter configuration, cloud scheduling and post-processing of results.

Mobile Simulation App

Mobile App for remote selection of systems to be simulated, configuring simulation settings, cloud scheduling, monitoring and post-processing of results.

Cloud Administration:

Admin Dashboard

User-friendly web console to configure ClusterSim cloud, provide access control and monitor cluster simulation by administrative users.

Scheduler Customization

Multiple simulation schedulers are available to choose from, with options for configuring scheduling priority based on licensing, region and user specific rules.

Simulation Reports

Detailed reports in administration console for monitoring the cloud health, resource availability, ongoing simulations, simulation history, etc...

Secure Simulation

Built-in encryption mechanisms for safe and secure transfer of simulation data to/from cloud and thereby, conformance to confidentiality of embedded systems.

Internal/Cloud Deployment

Versatile in-house deployment of ClusterSim in corporate intranet cloud with VPN support. In addition, can be deployable in web cloud platforms.

Easy Setup

Easy installers are provided for transforming existing infrastructure into simulation clusters, registering simulation tools and setting up of ClusterSim cloud.

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