Rapid Simulation Cloud for parallel processing of large system models, receiving live simulation data, post processing and analyzing results faster.

Huge number of simulations (parallel processing) Large simulation time (large model) Schedule simulation from portable apps (no local model) Non-availablity of tool (license problem/cost)

Architecture based System Design

Realistic simulation of complex systems require huge computing power and take large time for accurate results. Also, dedicated hardware and software tools to carry out such simulation may not be available for Systems Engineers.

With ClusterSim, all engineers across teams can seamlessly access the cloud infrastructure to schedule simulations from any device, perform remote computation in clusters with requisite tools, get notified about the completion and finish large simulations faster. This will help to save cost, reduce overall project time and analyze more configurations for well-testing of safety-critical systems.

Intelligent System Integration

Detailed testing of embedded systems involves defining unit tests for individual components, integration tests for the application, functional & non-functional tests, etc... and creation of appropriate test interfaces. Even small changes in implementation model/code can cause re-work of all the test cases and assembled test interfaces.

With our next generation technology, there is no need to maintain seperate test models. The test engineers can directly define the test cases, dynamically generate test harnesses from the actual controls in C or Simulink, update existing tests with changes in requirement/model and reuse them.

Dynamic Architecture & Model Linking

The controls algorithm development for legacy systems started with C/Fortran. Even for new systems development, the C language is preferred for simplicity reasons. But, along with low level CAN and other hardware drivers, it is not always easy to simulate them in desktop.

In Expert Test Bench, it is easy to build custom schedulers, configure the inputs, compile the C modules in isolation, calibrate the parameters and simulate with various in-built fixed and variable time step solvers. The stored output results can be directly plotted and analyzed along with report generation.

Unified Systems Engineering Platform

With more adaptation of Test Driven Development for Model based Systems Engineering (MBSE), comes the complexity of managing vast repository of knowledge, test artifacts and network of tools.

Expert Test Bench provides step-by-step approach managing all the phases of V process, starting with initial concept to final release and maintainance of systems. The transition between various phases are automated and made seamless through integration of knowledge and tools and the application of Expert Systems.

Configuration Management

The entire workflow for Verification and Validation (V&V) of complex embedded systems can be defined and automated easily in our integrated test environment. Helps to save time and effort and thereby, release well-tested software to customers much early. Even more savings can be realized through reuse of test artifacts across engineering programs.

We can work with you to identify the cost savings along with Return on Investment from Expert Test Bench.

Neutral Architecture:

Architecture Definition

Seamless simulation of large systems in ClusterSim Cloud through automatic packaging of simulation data to remote clusters, automation of requisite native platforms and retrieval of final results.

Design Specification

Integrated support for remote simulation of engineering systems on various native platforms including C, Executables, Matlab-Simulink, etc...

Export Design as Document

Integrated support for remote simulation of engineering systems on various native platforms including C, Executables, Matlab-Simulink, etc...

Component Palette

Parallel processing of multiple system configurations through simultaneous scheduling and aggregation of simulation results for detailed analysis.

Block Diagram

Rich & Unique simulation specification for each native platform with customization support for source paths, libraries, variants, parameters and simulation settings.

Data Dictionary

Facility to specify set of values & ranges for parameters, dynamic calibration and systems simulation for all parameter configurations.

Platform Architecture - Simulink: Platform Architecture - Modelica:

Modelica Code Generation

User-friendly web console to configure CluserSim cloud, provide access control and monitor cluster simulation by administrative users.

System Integration from Components

Multiple simulation schedulers are available to choose from, with options for configuring scheduling priority based on licensing, region and user specific rules.

Variant Configuration & Parameterization

Detailed reports in administration console for monitoring the cloud health, resource availability, ongoing simulations, simulation history, etc...

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