FREE set of utilities to assist systems modeling in MATLAB-Simulink platform for better visualization of models, increase in accuracy and productivity.

Block Image Browser

Embed images from predefined & in-house icon sets over Subsystems for graphical representation of complex systems and visual understanding of their functionalities. Know More


Easy to bookmark various components & navigate complex Simulink models/libraries, initialize project workspace, change parameters and view simulation results. Know More

Block Image Browser

Various physical systems modeled in Simulink will have mathematical details, but not always visually look like their real world systems. The models can be better understood by putting images on systems through mask dialogs. Nevertheless, we end up searching for appropriate engineering icons and finding ways to distribute them.

Block Image Browser make this process easier by giving the list of predefined/approved icons to choose from and making it a single step operation to embed the images on subsystems. By default, free engineering icons for automotive and aerospace domains are available to easily choose from.

Further, it can connect to internal image repositories and help to standardize the block images across the engineering teams.


Embed Images on Blocks

Easy to set engineering images on Blocks and Subsystems, eliminating the need for searching proper icons and manually adding subsystem masks.

Easy to Launch

Image Browser can be easily launched through Matlab command line or through context menu shown on Simulink models and blocks.

Image Repository

Support for muliple image sources including packaged icon sets, local folders and shared repositories containing approved images.

Pre-defined Image Sets

Lot of free to distribute images for various enginering domains including automotive powertrain and aerospace components.

Tool Customization

Muliple preferences for embedding images on blocks and preview of images in browser window including detailed tabular view.

Standalone Application

Block Image Browser can also be run as standalone application. Matlab can be automatically opened with predefined search path and initialized workspace.


Often engineering projects implemented in Simulink are large. It becomes difficult to navigate and open the systems to be modified and scopes to be analyzed. Further, if the blocks carry parameters like masked subsystems, the steps to locate and modify the dialog values are not straight-forward.

This tool helps to categorize and bookmark various components inside the model including subsystems, blocks and scopes. The bookmarked components at all levels of the models/libaries can be easily opened. Also, it is possible to bookmark and open block parameters & mask dialogs for quick modification of parameter values.

In addition, it helps to setup the Simulink projects in Matlab without the need for custom configuration scripts. Bookmarks can be exported as XML files and shared with the team members & vendors for communication about systems to be changed or tested.


Project Configuration

Quick launching of Simulink projects with options for folder paths, main model, initialization to performed and documentation.

Bookmark Components

Bookmark frequently used components in the Simulink model under various categories including Models, Subsystems, Blocks, Scopes, etc...

Customize Bookmarks

Besides opening the components, the bookmarks can be customized to open block parameters, mask dialogs and block properties for quick editing of values.

Open Bookmarked Components

Quick navigation to components bookmarked from large Simulink models. Automatic layout of model windows and block highlighting for easier browsing.

Sharable Bookmarks

Subsystems of interest can be bookmarked, exported and shared with the team members for quick communication of systems to be modified or tested.

Standalone Application

Model Bookmarks can be run as a standalone application by which bookmarks can be directly opened in Matlab through the Windows Start.

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