Engineering Services

SysThink Technologies offers specialized engineering services with highest quality to augment customers' in-house capabilities. We provide competitive pricing and exceptional customer support.

Our talented team of engineering professionals will help to significantly reduce overall project costs, lower project risks, meet program deliverables & timelines, adopt latest technologies/processes and there by, we make it possible for our customer to dedicate their focus on core engineering activities.

High Quality Work

We work with several multi-national companies and maintain high level of integrity and work quality. We understand the importance of confidential data shared with us and provide at most priority to secure and safeguard our customer's confidential information shared in the course of the project execution.

Verification and Validation

In today's mechatronic world, the embedded systems are getting enormously complex requiring detailed Verification and Validation (V&V) of systems' safety requirements. We provide technical support in all phases of V&V of system requirements with physical and functional models including

  • Mapping requirement to physical and functional models.
  • Test Harness Creation.
  • Test Vector Generation.
  • Test Execution and Management.
  • Support for MIL/SIL/HIL processes.
  • Report Generation including coverage reports.

MIL/SIL/HIL Integration

  • Real Time Code Generation from native models like Simulink.
  • Continous/Discrete State Conversion.
  • Fixed Point Optimization.
  • Compilation of embedded code to target platform with ECU communication support.
  • Integration support for MIL/SIL/PIL/HIL Testing.
  • Model Calibration.

Model/Code Design Optimization

As the embedded systems evolve, there is a need for consistent effort to optimize the initial architecture as per the latest requirements. We provide various related services including

  • Model Reuability, Restructuring and Integration.
  • Model/Code Debugging.
  • Model Quality and Usability Improvement.
  • Simulation Performance Optimization.
  • Static and Dynamic analysis.
  • Configuration Management.

Conformance to Industry Standards

Typical mechatronic systems may involve several thousands lines of code and model blocks. Strict compliance to industry standards is required to ensure safety, portability and reliability of those systems. We provide both manual and automated assistance for checking and refactoring of models to meet styling guidelines like MAAB and other in-house standards along with model documentation support. Similarly, we help to comply with standards like MISRA, ISO 26262 for embedded code.

Post-Processing and Reports

Engineering data accumulated from model simulation, HIL test benches and actual embedded systems can be often complex to visualize and analyze. We provide efficient solutions to input, link, process, visualize, animate, interact, analyze and interpret those technical data into meaningful results including development of interactive applications.

Process Consulting

It is typical for many engineering teams to focus on core engineering activities. Often, this could lead to complex steps with lot of interdependencies and no formal documentation. We help to map existing engineering processes and train engineers on best practices. In addition, we help to evaluate engineering tools and adapt those latest technologies.