Engineering Tool Automation

We have a unique blend of expertise in both Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) and software development processes and methodologies. Our knowledge of Systems Engineering allows us to seamlessly understand the requirements from modeler's perspective. This enables us to uniquely provide complete end-to-end automation solutions for our engineering customers.

Should We Automate?

In today's Systems Engineering world, the product release cycles are becoming shorter, be it development of control strategies or physical models or validation of both. Your priorities would be to meet the deadlines for the upcoming releases and not the actual development and automation of processes/tool chains to achieve those goals.

Often times, this will involve manual, repetitive, time consuming and error-prone tasks with hard to process engineering data.

Accelerated Development

We understand the importance of your project deliverables and work with you in tandem to identify right solutions and automate your engineering needs in a very cost-efficient way.

Our highly efficient team of engineers with rich experience in tool development and automation will follow established processes, tools and technologies to design, develop and deliver extendable tool chains for you in a shorter timespan. Our emphasize on quality assurance standards will ensure that the delivered solutions are of high quality.

Our Services

  • Custom tool chain to automate V&V of models/embedded code including test vector generation.
  • Development of post-processing platform to analyze data from engineering platforms, HIL test benches, spread sheets, etc...
  • Custom report generation from simulation results and requirement coverage.
  • Automatic model generation from embedded code.
  • Automatic embedded code generation from control system models.
  • Custom tools to check conformance to modeling style guidelines.
  • Custom tools to analyze embedded software for conformance to various engineering standards.
  • Static analysis to find issues at the earlier stages of embedded software development.
  • Integration of various in-house tool chains to provide continuous solution.
  • User interface development and optimization for in-house engineering tools.
  • Various tools to automate manual tasks during model based development

Quality Assurance for In-House Tools

All our customers have accumulated wide assortment of in-house tools over a period of time for various project needs. Many of these tools and block sets may require quality assurance with new releases of their base native platform. With our unique programming skills, we study and provide quality assurance for these existing tools of any complexity at a minimal cost. Further, we help to enhance and add new functionalities in these tools as per customer's needs.

Our Expertise

We have vast technical expertise and experience in systems engineering processes, tool chains and software platforms including enterprise technologies.

  • Engineering Platforms including Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, AMESim, Dymola, etc...
  • Engineering Standards including SysML, Autosar, AADL, FMI, MAAB, MISRA, etc...
  • Programming platforms including Java, C, Python,, etc...
  • Various enterprise, database and cloud technologies.

Looking to manage in-house Matlab based tools and provide quality assurance with new enhancements?

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